Mentoring : Licentiate Mentoring Scheme

This service is offered to specifically encourage new Licentiates during the often uncertain period after graduation. The scheme, which focuses on quality of work and increased professionalism, allows us to draw upon the experiences of SDC Members and Fellows who have proven expertise in this area. We help Licentiates to look at their short and long term goals and be active within the Society working towards full SDC Membership.

Licentiates are the Society's future and we are thrilled to have the involvement of exciting and fresh talent.

The Licentiate Mentoring Scheme currently consists of Portfolio Sessions, e-mentoring and a Facebook group to provide ongoing advice and guidance.

The Licentiates provide the following information to their Mentors in advance so that their support can be adequately prepared :

  • CV
  • Short and long term goals
  • Artist's Statement
  • High resolution images (4-6)

We then follow up the portfolio sessions with Mentees through both the SDC Licentiate Mentoring Scheme Facebook Group (only open to the Mentees and Mentors from that session) and by email with their Mentors.